Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Photography (lessons)

Taking pictures has been a love of mine since I was a teenager. In 1989, my apartment was robbed and all my equipment was stolen. I never replaced the stuff, so basically I put it aside for a long time. This past year I've been hearing the call to get back into the scene, so I purchase a hybrid camera Panasonic DMC fz8 to start off with. I find myself very quickly growing bored of all the limitation of this camera, so I've decided that it is time to get a full blown DSLR. I started looking at the two big honchos Cannon and Nikon. I realize that this can be a expensive hobby but, hopefully someday I could make some money from something I love to do.I am currently looking at the Nikon D90 which is going for $1099.00 with a lens at JandR's. B&H has great deals also but, I hate going to midtown. Jandr always will match prices at B&H, so will probably make the big purchase there. I think by the time I put enough cash together a new model will be out any way. lol.I follow a couple a podcast like http://www.twipphoto.com/and http://www.tipsfromthetopfloor.com/ I also have a mentor at work who have been at it for years. I try to shoot as often as my family life and work allows me too. I would also love to do some studio work but that seems not to be an easy thing to get it to if you don't have you own. I sign up for some meet-up groups but no one has replied. I also join as many contests I have time for, I would really like to be able to tag along with someone with experience but, for now I just have to have some patience.Please all grammar hounds save your comments for private emails, I will rewrite this million times but for now this will do.


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