Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photography (Noob in training)

It's has been a while since adding content to this blog. I have been pretty busy the last couple of months with work and home life. Today, I will attempt to share my ongoing saga of becoming a artistic photographer. My past experience with the Panasonic DMZ FZ8 has been beneficial in preparing me for a full DSLR. I am really loving my Nikon D90, I have been on several studio shoots and I was able to get hundreds of great sunrise shots while, I was on a nine day cruise up the eastern Caribbean. Today, I plan on purchasing a simple Point and shoot, so I can carry on a daily basis. I tried lugging around a backpack full of body and lens which was becoming a real pain. I started to research P&S's and found some really nice ones, but way over the amount I want to spend. The Panasonic LX3 and Cannon G10 are wonderful cameras but in the range of $400 to $500 dollars is a bit ridiculous for me at this point. I then started looking for similar features to these models but picking was slim. I also hate the idea of spending that kind of money off of what I read on web sites. An idea pop in my head to make use of WEB 2.0 to make my decision. Twitter and Face book has been pretty useful in keeping up to date with going on in the world and family, so I gave Twitter a shot. I follow a couple well known photographers so deciding who to asked was the problem. There are lot pompous people on twitter that feels that it is below them to reply to a nobody. I made a good choice based on listening to podcast and reading his twits. Scott Bornne very kindly responded with Cannons Powershot 110, so I decided after comparing with some of the models I was considering, I decided to go with Scott's suggestion.

The next post, I will focus on more technical aspects of my learning.

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