Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I've managed to join several meet-up groups in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The idea behind joining these groups were to gain experience but, I do not know if that is the main focus of these groups. The forums are not very technical but more of a social thing. Looking at the calenders these groups dont meet very often either. My focus is to get as much lighting and studio experience as possible, but this may not be the avenue to go. I can only hope that in attending some of these get together is meeting people who are willing to share knowledge and resources.

I also attempted to join Model Mayhem, which my mentor recommended joining. Now this seems like a hard core group but the requirements to join is submitting four photos two being of models, so I was denied membership. I will resubmit, I hope in the spring when I've kicked up the skills a notch and maybe connect with some amateur models.

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