Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photography (I am Newb, therefor I am)

This morning, I was thinking about an article I read on Twip Titled "It's not about the camera" I can't decide whether I agree with Mr. Bourne’s on this issue. The other night, I was out with a dear friend whom I've known for at least 20 plus years, she is also the most amazing looking women for her age and she carry’s herself as a eloquent queen. We haven’t seen each other in a couple years so we decided to catch up with each other’s lives. I decided to bring my Panasonic FZ8 with me, so I could have some current Shots of my friend. I figured that I should be able to get a couple nice pictures with this camera, but I was wrong. It is hard to take a bad shot of Mona but, even though she still came out looking beautiful the quality of the pics was shit. I must admit that I lack the skills for post processing but I have some standard stuff that I use like, sharpening, color management etc.... The results were very unsatisfying. T tried different techniques while shooting; I started with auto and flash at ISO 200 then switched to manual with and without flash with ISO's 200 and 400. These were taken in a low light bar, so I was tempted to use a high ISO but I remembered that this camera take crappy grainy pictures pass 400. The next morning, I started looking at some of the stuff I shot. I was so disappointed. The best ones had strange artifacts if that what you call them in her hair and other little things that was annoying. I automatically though maybe the camera needed cleaning but I just cleaned it that same morning and took some test pictures which were great.

So I must conclude that without the right tools (camera) and lack the post processing skill "It is all about the camera" This just my opinion Mr. Bourne is impeccable photographer with many years in the field

As an after though, I believe 99% of the time; people who say shit like that are people who have a crap load of equipment. LOL

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