Thursday, January 22, 2009

BSG Podcast (gripe)

Ok, this will be my first gripe of 2009.
This morning I was all giddy because I just downloaded the latest podcast from Battle Star Galactica (BSG) having finally watched season four episode 11.  I believe the podcaster is the actual director of the series.  So I geared up my IPod Touch, I started the BSG podcast on my trek to work.  While I was listening I noticed that the recording was done very low, so I turned the volume to near max to be able hear him over the street noise.  I then got on the bus, as I was focusing on what was being said without any warning what so ever a loud beep sounded off during the podcast, I guess that is when he stop recording an then resumed. That shit was so loud that I jumped up and exclaimed “MOTHERFUCKER” then yanked off the head phones.  In New York, this is not a not to unusual thing to see.  I was too much in pain to give a shit what people were thinking, but as I recovered, I looked up and realized that I was sitting by myself in the back of the bus.  I couldn’t help to not laugh; I know the driver is use to wackos riding on his bus, but he gave me such a nervous look as I stepped off the bus, I started laughing again.   
Back to BSG podcast, what the fuck is wrong with guy, he is suppose to be a director, doesn’t these guys edit and reviews their work they do.  I of cause stupid as I am I tried to listen to the rest of it this time lowing the volume which didn’t help, felt like someone kick me square in the balls.  I’ll have to find a pair of cheap speakers to finish the dam show.
This will not in any way reflect how I feel about BSG, which I truly love the show but, now every time I watch a episode I will think “ASSHOLE DIRECTOR” I also know that this show has had a dozen directors but I think this guy’s name is Michael Rymer I might be wrong but when I get the courage to turn the podcast back on I’ll update this post.

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calicolyst said...

Maybe the director's intentions were to just screw with people, because, like you said, he is an asshole.


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