Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photography (The Nikon D90)

Well today is the day, my wife and daughter left for a visit to her mother’s house in long island and will not be returning until Monday afternoon. I know what you’re thinking COWARD!! Absolutely!! I have had my eye on the Nikon D90 for months now. Today, nothing was going to stop me; I took my usual path to lower Manhattan feeling really giggly in anticipation. I decided to purchase it from Jandr camera world. The place wasn’t as crowed as it always is during the week, so it made this experience a lot more pleasant. I price it at 1159.99 which included a 18 105 lens, but to my happiness I was able to only pay 1099.00 for it. I know 60 bucks may not be a big deal to some people, but I wanted to feel I got a good deal out of buying my first DSLR.
I got home and unpacked my new toy; I started looking through the manual. The freaking book is huge for a camera manual. After a few minutes I realized that this was not going to be easy, I also started to feel hunger pangs, so I unpacked the battery threw it in the charger and went to dinner. I spent some time reading it while I was eating, then I came to a conclusion that I will not have a need to do anything complicated just to take simple shots at first. I was wrong; I got home loaded the charged battery, 4 gig memory card and attached the lens. I have been using my hybrid point and shoot for so long that this camera seemed so alien. I slowly became familiar with all the knobs and doohickeys. I started getting accustom to changing setting for different lighting situations. I plan to start shooting more often, hopefully will start uploading some decent stock photos to photrade. The only hurdle I’ve come across is post processing. Nikon has its own RAW format the version of CS3 cannot read. I’m trying to work without it for now until I can get a CS4 copy. I’m sure someone has a workaround.

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